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"Let Go & Let God"

by Jeffrey Brian Liebowitz

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Let Go & Let God
By Jeffrey Brian Liebowitz

Sent Thursday, June 26th at 6:36 am
Jeff, this is Maureen, Eric's friend, and he's in some
trouble, he got taken to a mental hospital.

Why was he allowed to leave?
Because I signed him out.
You're not signing him out this time Jeffrey.
No, I'll make sure he gets help.
I'm so afraid that he'll be like this forever Audrey
and he'll never get better. If he doesn't get better.

Brother can you hear me
When I tell you that I love you oh so much
Mother can you tell I'm scared
When I tell you his soul I cannot touch
Father can you talk to me
Like I'm you're friend and not just your son
Sister can you guide me thru this one

You don't understand how scary it was to see Eric
lying in the bathtub.
I'm sorry, I know.
It was up to like, it was running out of the room, you
know the door was locked and the water was running
down the steps already.
He's all right now, Billy knocked down the door and I
pulled him out of the bathtub.

God if you are listening
Then show your face and do your thing
While I say a prayer
God if you can hear me now
Then take my hand and show me how
To silence all this fear

I think that the best you can do in life, the very
best thing you can do in life is to give it to God and
let him handle it with his competent hands.

I'm saying God is Love, that's what God is. God is
love and that's what you need to express to your
brother. Not all of that fighting and hating. You need
to express love to your brother.

Brother can you hear me
When I tell you I ain't going to let anything happen to you
Mother can you tell I'm scared
They keep saying that there's nothing I can do
Father oh I know your concerned
But please don't you yell, your son is now a man
Sister I can use your wisdom
Tell me everything you can

I can't bear to see him in that hospital again Mom.
It's like easy to say “Yo, put him in the hospital" but
when you get there you're like, you just want him to
get out.
He told me "Don't feel bad for me if I die, I'm living
life to the fullest". I got to help him, I know he's
crying inside, he needs help Mom.

God if you are listening
Then show your face and do your thing
While I say a prayer
God if you can hear me now
Then take my hand and show me how
To silence all this fear
God I'm not pretending here
Please step in and make things clear
While I keep holding on
God you’ve got me on my knees
Show your love I'm begging please
I know I'm not alone

And once we give it to God, you can't take it back.
When you give God something to do, you have to just
put your faith that he will do it and everything is
When you love somebody or you care for somebody, you
will give them the same thing that you'd give to
I go "Eric, Eric" and he didn't move. I thought he was
dead. And then what did you do?
And then I picked him up out of the bathtub.
No, I went in the bathtub and I picked him out and I
pulled him out and then he goes..
Did he have his clothes on?
No, and then I started hugging him.

And so when you say "Okay God, I don't know what to do
but you just take care of it and I know it's going to
be okay", then not only does it put your energy out in
a positive field but also it gives the ability for God
to respond because you're extending the faith.
The power of faith is immeasurable. It can bridge so
much and do so much, man can't even measure it. So
that is important in this situation.

I'm not saying that by doing something you're not
trusting God. At the same time I'm not saying just
trust God and don't do anything.

You see, what happens is I think we get, we think
we're doing everything, like we're orchestrating
everything and I think when the situation is something
we obviously can't control, that's nature's way or
the universe's way or God's way of letting us know
that when you don't know what to do,
the best thing you can do



released July 11, 1999


all rights reserved



Jeffrey Brian Liebowitz Austin, Texas

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